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What’s “YUBINOBA®”?

Do you suffer from knee pain, chronic back pain, bad posture, bunions, bowlegs or poor blood circulation? If you answered yes to any of these symptoms, come and visit us at YUBINOBA® HIROBA!

Stretching (“NOBA”) your toes (“YUBI”) — it sounds like a simple concept but this small change can straighten and align your toes to how they’re supposed to be.  This change can correct your posture, evenly disperse your body weight to the ground and reduce pain throughout the body.

YUBINOBA HIROBA is an official shop of YUBINOBA® that is managed by the Mirai Clinic. We offer special “YUBINOBA® Socks” that provide support for the three basic arches of your foot whilst stretching your toes! We have samples for you to try in store so come on down and experience for yourself the numerous benefits our socks provide!

Why “YUBINOBA® Socks”?

YUBINOBA® Socks — they’re woven in a special way to help your toes to straighten.  You can feel the additional support for your feet and legs as soon as you put them on!  Experience for yourself the strength they offer!
YUBINOBA product info

<Please read before using YUBINOBA® Socks>

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For more questions, please contact us before your purchase.



YUBINOBA® Socks - they help your toes to stretch and support the three basic arches of your foot. We offer various types and colors of YUBINOBA® Socks, so we would recommend that you come in to the store and try the samples to determine which socks are most suitable for your needs and experience the great corrective strength they provide!

Measuring foot size

Shoe sizes vary depending on the shoe manufacturer and model so may differ from your actual foot size. We will measure your feet and help you to find the correct socks that will be properly fitted to your feet. We recommend periodically having your feet measured as your foot size may change as your toes straighten.

YUBINOBA® Exercise

Fifty seconds a day (per foot). That's all it takes to reduce various pains in the body. We introduce you to the whole new world of 'toe exercising.' Our customers' symptoms include, but are not limited to, knee pain, back pain, bowlegs, knock knees, pigeon toes, hunched backs, bunions, hip arthritis, TMD (Jaw joint disorder), varicose vein, ingrown toenails, foot corns and poor blood circulation.

Shoe Fitting and Sales

With their excellent knowledge in kinetics and orthopedics, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. manufactures excellent corrective shoes. We stock only the handmade models and adjust and customise them to best-fit each customer.

Foot care goods & books

In addition to YUBINOBA® Socks, we also stock other foot care items, such as insoles, shoe horns, shoelaces and more. Books and DVDs produced by the director of Mirai Clinic are also available.

Shoelace change
(charges apply)

Did you know that selecting and correctly tying the right shoelaces can protect your health? -Yes, it's true! We can correctly lace up your shoes to fit each customer and attach ``stoppers`` to the shoelaces, which make it easier for you to put on and remove your shoes.


YUBINOBA® Socks Shop for overseas customers

Use the order form below and email it to: hiroba@yubinoba.com

Mirai Clinic

Without relying on medication as much as possible, we try to bring out the self-healing power of each patient. For more information, visit the website.


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